About Kazakhstan


Area: 2.7 million sq. km. (1.05 million sq. mi.) Major cities : Astana (capital, June 1998), Almaty (former capital), Karaganda, and Shymkent.

Terrain: Extends east to west from the Caspian Sea to the Altay Mountains and north to south from the plains of Western Siberia to the oasis and desert of Central Asia.

Climate: Continental, cold winters and hot summers; arid and semi-arid.

Border lengths: Russia 6,846 km., Uzbekistan 2,203 km., China 1,533 km., Kyrgyzstan 1,051 km., and Turkmenistan 379 km.


GDP  ( US $ ) : $156.19 billion. (2017)

External Trade ( % of GDP) : 60.2%

Population : 18.19 million (2017).

Language : Kazakh; Russian


* 36 million m2 cotton fabric
* 1.4 million m2 woolen fabric
* 13.3 million m2 carpets
*Kazakhstan has transitioned from lower-middle income to upper-middle income status in less than two decades. *The country moved to the upper-middle income group in 2006.
* 93.3% of domestic consumption market supplied by import& Local textile producers supply only 8% of the market
*Strategically, it links the large and fast-growing markets of China and South Asia with those of Russia and Western Europe by road, rail and a port on the Caspian Sea.
*Kazakhstan was officially accepted as the 162nd WTO member on November 30, 2015.
*The Customs Union, which became the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) as of January 1, 2015, consisting of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus came into existence
*in 2010, and customs borders between the three countries were removed on July 1, 2011. Since then, a free trade zone has come into operation and the three countries
*In 2016, Kazakhstan's major importing partners were Russia (39.1% of total product imports), China (15.99% of total product imports), Germany (5.06% of total product imports), the United States (4.27% of total product imports) and Italy (3.2% of total products imports).

*Goods from the customs union countries are generally exempt from Kazakhstan customs duties. Customs duties apply to goods imported to the customs union countries from third countries.
*Customs duties rates are established either based on a percentage (generally ranging between 0% and 30%; higher rates exist for certain goods) of the customs value of goods or in absolute terms in euros or USD.

Custom Duty Tarriffs of Kazakhstan for EU countries

3925.30.00 Curtain Accessories % 6,5
5407.73.00 Brodery Curtain Fabric m²’de 10 euro
6301.40.00 Blanket; sheet 0,6 Euro per 1kg
6302,21,00 Homelinens; bedlinens; bathlinens 0,44 Euro per 1kg
6302.53.90 Tableclothes 0,53 Euro per 1kg
5302,60,00 Bathrobes; Towels; Napkins 0,44 Euro per 1kg
6303.92.90 Tulles; 0,61 euro per m2
6304.19.10 Bedcoverings 0,61 Euro per mt
9404.29.90 Beddings ; duvets 15 Euro per mt
9404.90.00 Cushion 15 Euro
5701.90.100 Carpets and other textile floor coverings ; 13,8, but not less than 0,42 euro per 1 м2

*In addition to membership of the customs union, Kazakhstan has concluded a number of bilateral and multilateral Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), which provide for the exemption of goods circulated between the CIS member states from customs duties, provided certain conditions are met.
*The ATA Carnet temporary import system has been launched in Kazakhstan. This system allows the duty-free temporary import and export of goods for specific purposes.