Why Kazakhstan

● Kazakhstan is the fastest growing economy in the CIS region with the annual growth rate around 5-6%.

● Kazakhstan has very little production industry which makes the country dependent upon the imports only. However, wise decisions are being taken each year to boost the general industry in Kazakhstan.

● In 2010 Kazakhstan joined the Belarus-Kazakhstan-Russia Customs Union in an effort to boost foreign investment and improve trade relationships.

● Kazakhstan has very important petroluem reserves, uranium mines, and one of the biggest grain producers in the world.

● Government`s wise approach and short term development programme to make Kazakhstan one of the 50 important economies of the world by the year 2030.

● Kazakhstan government has 40 billion USD worth reserves to ensure a steady economy.

● New hotels, residences, offices, shopping malls, food and beverage facilities are being built every year to cater the needs of the international companies, the local community, and the tourists who come to enjoy the beautiful nature of Kazakhstan enabling activities like skiing, hunting, and many other attractions.